Year on year, we win awards in recognition of our commitment to technical excellence and client satisfaction. These awards demonstrate our continued investment in people and resources to ensure best service and return for our customers.

NetApp FY23 Partner of the Year Hybrid Cloud

NetApp FY22 Partner of the Year Cloud Pioneer

NetApp FY21 Partner of the Year Competitive Win

NetApp FY19 Partner of the Year Hong Kong

DELL EMC 2018 Fiscal Year Best Storage Partner Award – Vertical Industry

NetApp FY18 Best Emerging Solutions Selling

2017 NetApp Hong Kong Flexpod Partner of the Year

NetApp FY17 Best Growth Transportation Sector

NetApp FY16 Largest deal of the year

EMC Partner Excellence Award 2016 All-Flash Storage

2016 EMC The Best Seller of Financial Sector

2016 Inspur The Best Service Gold Award

2016 Lexmark Enterprise Software Partner Awards

2015 EMC The Best Seller of Financial Sector

2014 EMC Best Partner for Enterprise

2011 Shenzhen Outstanding Software Product – Nikoyo Image Capturing System

2011 Shenzhen Outstanding Software Provider

Inspur 2007 Outstanding Supplier Platinum Award

Lenovo Service Bronze Award

Level One of the Quality Assurance of the China National Computer Information System Integration

China Computer Users Association Outstanding Service Provider of 25th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony