Nikoyo has started distributing Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners since the early 90s. After years of hard work, high-speed scanners sold by Nikoyo have been widely used in traditional sectors such as government, banking, insurance, securities, archives, library and education. With the economic growth, Nikoyo constantly opens up more market sectors in telecommunications, postal, medical and health, public security law, transportations, business, taxation,army, customs, chemical, technical supervision, statisticsand logistics, etc. These enterprises and institutions generate a large number of receipts and paper documents which need to be converted to electronic files for storage, and they have long been partners of Nikoyo.

Description of Business

Nikoyo is a renowned sole distributor of Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners. In the global scanner market, Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners have been famous for their excellent product performance, efficiency, intelligence, practicality, user-friendliness, multi-functionality and reliability.

After years of accumulated sales experience of Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners and services, Nikoyo has grown into a leading image system service provider in the industry. It is now providing clients a whole set of professional image solutions, supporting device and implementation technologies for document entry (文 檔 錄 入), image recognition and online/offline data storage management (資 料 的 在 離 線 存 儲 管 理).The independent software development center set up by Nikoyo successfully develops a series of image acquisition and content management software within dependent intellectual property rights (自主智慧財產權).The software provides strong support to Nikoyo’s image system solutions, satisfying clients’ needs of personalized image system.

An authoritative research shows that the global market share of Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners has reached more than 50%. The growth in Chinese market has been rapid for years. From 2009 to 2011, the sales share of Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners, according to the global market sales ranking, rose from the fifth to the third in the world, then rose to the second place (followingUS) in 2011, and keeps on breaking records.
Being the largest service provider of Fujitsu’s high-speed scanners in China, scanners sold by Nikoyo account for more than 90% in the Chinese market, leading the image market for years. The success demonstrates that Nikoyo’s capability in imaging system solution has reached world-class standard.

Application in Industry

Image system solutions and supporting devices provided by Nikoyo have been widely used in traditional industries such as banking, insurance, securities, archives, library, customs, statistics and education sectors. With economic development and market changes, Nikoyo continues to open up markets of emerging application enterprises and institutions which generate a large number of receipts and paper documents, such as telecommunications, postal, medical and health, public security law, transportations, technical supervision, logistics and manufacturing.

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