Here at Nikoyo, our IT professional services team offers global consulting and implementation support and services with local knowledge for businesses. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve successfully helped our clients meet and adapt to the changing needs of companies through our IT professional consulting, technical support services, and more. Experience top-notch expertise and implementation of complex software solutions, ranging from cyber

How Do Our IT Professional Services Help Your Business?

1. Automate Business Processes

Our foremost IT solutions help automate a range of business processes to reduce manual work and attain high efficiency. For instance, our cloud computing solutions leverage the power of cloud storage to enhance scalability while lowering capital expenditures associated with buying servers or additional hardware. Its secure data management also allows you to effectively store, organize, access, and analyze large amounts of data accurately for decision-making. At Nikoyo, we provide IT professional services that remove all these technology-related hassles so you can focus on your core business concerns.

2. Adapt to the Changing Needs of Business 

Amassing over 30 years of real-world experience in the IT field, we have witnessed many clients invest in an out-of-the-box software application without knowing how to deploy it to full use. Nikoyo understands different business challenges and helps optimize technological implementation to tackle them accordingly. Our IT professional services are pivotal for adapting to the ever-changing business needs. Get in touch with our professional team today, and we will devise an end-to-end solution tailored to your overall technology strategy and business goals.

Why Choose Nikoyo IT Professional Services

  • Focus on storage-related products since the establishment
  • Over five hundred storage system deployments in the last decade
  • Solid technical team with in-depth domain knowledge and experience
  • Emphasize employees’ continuous learning
  • Strong establishment in Mainland


What IT Professional Services Are Included?

ECM Group Division

ECM Solution Group Division

Nikoyo delivers leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions with a strong and experienced project management and software development team. We offer IT professional services, consultancy, and custom-fit ECM solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Products coverage: EMC Documentum, EMC Captiva, Kofax Ascent Capture, Nikoyo Documan, and more

Storage Group Division

Storage Group Division

Our storage experts are ready to support customer solutions ranging from simple storage deployment to highly complex cloud implementation. Our storage team is not bound to deliver pure storage solution services in HK.

Our products coverage in HK: NetApp FSX, EMC, Cisco, Quantum, VMware, Citrix, Symantec, Nimble, Nutanix HCI, Brocade, Microsoft, Veeam, Cloud Insight, and more

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our IT professional services, such as our ECM solution or storage solution services, please feel free to reach out to us!


What are IT Professional Services and why are they important for businesses?

IT Professional Services refer to specialized services offered by experts in the IT sector, including IT consulting, design, development, integration, training, and support. They play a crucial role in businesses as they assist in pinpointing and tackling specific needs and issues; boost efficiency and productivity; and enable utilization of new tech and innovations. IT Professional Services also give businesses the capacity to tap into expert resources and knowledge that they might lack internally.

What types of IT Professional Services does Nikoyo offer?

Nikoyo offers a range of IT Professional Services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. These include:

  • Consulting: Nikoyo’s consulting services help businesses identify their specific needs and challenges, develop a strategy or roadmap, and make informed decisions about technology and operations.
  • Design and Development: Nikoyo’s design and development services help businesses create custom software or applications that meet their unique needs and requirements.
  • Integration: Nikoyo’s integration services help businesses connect and integrate different systems and services, enabling greater efficiency and interoperability.
  • Training and Support: Nikoyo’s training and support services help businesses ensure that their employees have the knowledge and resources they need to use technology and systems effectively and efficiently.

How does Nikoyo deliver IT Professional Services to customers?

Nikoyo delivers IT Professional Services to clients through a structured and collaborative process. This process typically includes:

  • Discovery and Assessment: Nikoyo works with clients to understand their needs and challenges and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Planning and Design: Nikoyo develops a plan or solution design that meets the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Implementation and Integration: Nikoyo implements and integrates the solution, working closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption.
  • Training and Support: Nikoyo provides training and support to help the client maximize the value of the solution and ensure ongoing success.