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NetaApp x Nikoyo: Providing the Best Cloud services with the Strong Alliance

With Spot by NetApp, you can simplify your cloud management and focus on your core business objectives, while enjoying greater efficiency, performance, and cost savings on your cloud journey.

Nikoyo is committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives. As a trusted partner of NetApp, we are constantly exploring new ways to leverage the power of cloud technology to drive efficiency, agility, and growth for our clients. By utilizing Spot by NetApp, we help our clients optimize their cloud usage and reduce costs by 50%, while also improving performance and scalability. Spot by NetApp can help clients balance cloud expenditure while also maximizing the value of cloud infrastructure. We will continue to join forces with NetApp to design and implement a customized solution that met the unique needs of our client’s business.

Cloud costs and complexity expand exponentially as infrastructure grows. In order to maintain the competitiveness and, NetApp® provides a one-stop Cloud optimizing service for automating and optimizing cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and GCP, called SPOT.

Spot by NetApp provides a powerful suite of tools that enable you to manage your cloud infrastructure more efficiently. With its machine learning and analytics algorithms, Spot helps you improve the availability and performance of your applications, while optimizing your cloud resources and reducing infrastructure costs.

The four comprehensive portfolios offered by Spot are:

Complete Cloud Visibility

Visibility into all cloud workloads to identify and Quantify potential savings

Reserved Capacity Management

Automate the balancing and management of a portfolio of cloud commitments for any workloads. Savings 40%-60

Auto Scaling Apps

Automate the use of Spot instances for Web Applications to reduce costs by 80%

Serverless Containers

Automate rightsizing and use of Spot instances for Containers and Microservices to reduce costs by 90%

Aligns with your delivery Lifecycle

Spot extends your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline of choice with Continuous Optimization (CO) to complete the application delivery pipeline.

Pay-as-you-save Pricing

The fee for utilizing the Spot platform is based on the savings it delivers. Reducing cloud costs with ease without risk or contractual limitations, we tie our success to yours.

To Learn More, please visit: Spot.io

“No saving, No charge” it’s our promise!