What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology that enables computers to understand human language. NLP can read, edit and summarise texts and even make natural language generation (NLG) possible.

Siri and Grammarly are among the well-known examples of natural language processing in HK. This groundbreaking technology allows Siri to comprehend your instructions and respond in authentic human language. Similarly, Grammarly, a popular grammar tool, learns from a database of correct and incorrect grammar, spelling, and punctuation to produce clear human language in writing.

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NLP is one of the key elements and tasks in the field of AI. A subfield in the realm of computer science, information engineering and linguistics, NLP technology facilitates interactions between computers and human language. It teaches computers to understand natural languages to unlock barrier-free communication between them and humans. Its ability to read text, hear and interpret speech helps measure and determine which parts are important. NLP is essential for assisting computers in processing and analyzing unstructured data gathered from human (natural) language, which allows businesses in HK to access meaningful data more efficiently.

With our experience and knowledge of Natural Language Processing, we can help bring your business in HK into the future.

Why Is Natural Language Processing Important for Businesses in HK?

Natural Language Processing has the potential to make business operations in HK more streamlined and efficient. It automatically processes large volumes of unstructured text, such as customer reviews and feedback, so companies can better understand customer needs and improve their satisfaction. Thus, NLP reduces the time needed to sort such information manually and increases business productivity.

Additionally, natural language processing helps automate tasks such as customer support queries, language translation, text summarization and automated responses. It eliminates the hassle of processing tasks manually to free you more time to focus on other integral tasks. Natural Language Processing also allows businesses to improve their customer service by providing accurate automated support immediately instead of waiting for an employee response.

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