Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for businesses in HK


What is optical character recognition (OCR)?

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology works by transcribing texts into character codes using character-by-character photo-scanning of a document or an image. OCR systems are made up of a combination of hardware and software that is used to convert physical documents into text that is machine-readable. This software is often used by businesses in HK for easier data processing.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a key characteristic of Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions because OCR is a technology used to extract text from images and documents through mechanical or electronic means. It converts typed, handwritten or printed text into data that can be used in electronic business processes without needing someone to manually process or capture the text. While OCR isn’t a new technology, today’s AI powered OCR solutions have the ability to recognize and capture data from machine printed documents with higher and faster levels of accuracy. Their ability to accurately read handwritten text has also rapidly improved compared to their older iterations.

How can OCR in RPA benefit my business in HK?

OCR in RPA allows companies to automate a larger volume of their business processes, especially those that are still heavily dependent on scanned paperwork such as hand-filled forms and applications from customers. Nikoyo’s OCR solution enables businesses in HK who are interested in RPA to get information from images, PDFs, and remote applications for more accurate data collection and storage. Moreover, by introducing OCR to your business process you get more accurate, fast and high-quality textual output, allowing robots to automate more tasks, while cutting unnecessary or time consuming operating and training costs.

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