Reputable Software for Invoice Automation, ID Capture, Mobile Capture, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and RPA in HK

Nikoyo Omni-Channel Capture is a document workflow platform that encompasses invoice automation, ID capture, mobile capture, OCR, and RPA. Nikoyo’s suite of Omni-Channel capture software accepts images and documents from scanners, faxes, emails, web portals, mobile apps, and other digital channels. Most importantly, it automatically applies the advanced image enhancement and text recognition, reducing manual tasks and human errors for businesses in HK. Moreover, the captured images and data can be exported to various backend core systems like ERP, CRM, and ECM systems. To improve your administrative efficiency, our complete suite of omni-channel capture software automates your daily administrative process into a seamless experience so that you can focus on scaling your business with ease. These solutions aim to reduce human workload, extract critical data from unstructured and structured documents and eliminate manual data input in managing administrative documents.

In a nutshell, our omni-channel software offers:

1. Invoice Automation

This solution manages paper invoices and removes the need for manual work in HK. The invoice automation system scans and captures the data at the highest revolution possible, delegating the invoices to the respective recipients and account handlers automatically in HK. It reduces human errors when handling large volumes of data.

2. ID Capture Software

This software reduces online fraud risks by providing customer authentication tools for easy verification. Our ID Capture Software promotes online security and safety in HK.

3. Mobile Capture

Everyone is on his or her phones these days, especially in HK. In fact, there are more mobile phones in the world than humans! Our mobile capture solution allows users in HK to scan documents with their phones. You can easily scan documents with high definition even when you’re on the move. No need for a scanner when you use our mobile capture tool!

4. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

As a key feature of robotic process automation (RPA), OCR software like ABBYY is used by HK businesses for easier document processing. It is also widely used with RPA robots or software such as UiPath to replace humans for data entry in HK.

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Whether it be Invoice Automation, ID Capture, Mobile Capture or Optical Recognition (OCR), our suite of omni-channel solutions guarantees better efficiency and swiftness in administrative work in HK. Not only will you improve your company’s technology, but you can also reduce the risk of human errors and bolster efficiency in daily document processing. Contact us now for more information.


What is Omni-Channel Capture, and how does it work?

Omni-Channel Capture refers to the use of advanced technologies to capture and process data from multiple channels and sources, including physical documents, digital images, emails, and web forms. Omni-Channel Capture works by using intelligent capture software to extract data from diverse sources, transforming the data into a structured format, and integrating it into digital systems and workflows.

What types of data can be captured and processed using Omni-Channel Capture, and what are the benefits for businesses?

Omni-Channel Capture can capture and process a wide range of data, including customer information, invoices, receipts, and contracts. The benefits of Omni-Channel Capture for businesses include increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, as well as improved data security and compliance. Omni-Channel Capture can also help businesses reduce errors and costs associated with manual data entry, streamline workflows, and enhance customer experience.

How does Nikoyo help clients implement and manage Omni-Channel Capture solutions?

Nikoyo offers a range of Omni-Channel Capture services to our clients in HK, including invoice automation, ID capture, mobile capture, OCR, and RPA solutions. Our experts work with clients to integrate and implement these solutions to meet their specific business needs.