The Intelligent Information Management (IIM) system is an advancement from Enterprise Content Management (ECM), bringing data and document management system solutions in HK to the next level.

Discover effective Document Management Software (DMS) Solutions for Intelligent Information and Document Management

Nikoyo offers DMS solutions to help corporate companies manage their data more efficiently and minimize human errors for safer and more accurate management of data, documents, and intelligent information. With experience from at least 3 decades of providing integrated IT solutions and professional services, our DMS solutions are reputable and reliable. We strive to provide the best services and IT solutions possible to manage critical data and intelligence. Our mission is to introduce top-of-the-line IT solutions to companies in HK and beyond, so that we can help improve efficiency in data and document management on top of effective integration of systems.

We provide DMS solutions that do all the heavy lifting. Forget about manual organizing and collating because effective Document management solution systems help you save time, cut costs and reduce human errors with the latest IT systems and technologies in the market today.

Supported by OpenText, a smart document scanning service, Nikoyo’s document management solution effectively eliminates chaos and streamlines the workflow for your business in HK. By boosting your productivity in your workspace, our data management software is here to do the heavy lifting so your company’s employees can focus on what really matters. Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, manage your critical documents by automating your business with our DMS solutions no matter where you are with peace of mind.

Organize, manage and understand all types of data with ease

IIM enables organizations to collect, organize, manage, convert, and understand all types of data efficiently. Due to the rapid growth of big data, the data has become too complex to manage with the traditional data management software. This is where our DMS solution comes in. IIM provides easier management of the collected data in various formats. In order to deliver an integrated platform for useful data and document management, the IIM system establishes a unified portal where every type of data and content can be managed efficiently. Our DMS solution promises a swifter and more accurate compilation of important data, to help you manage your documents and other vital information more efficiently.

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