When it comes to storing files in the cloud, one major question you have in mind is most likely security. As a leading I.T. solution provider in HK, Nikoyo provides an extensive range of cloud security services and storage solutions for corporations to streamline their information exchange and cloud backup. Our professional team specializes in implementing cutting-edge storage infrastructures, such as NetApp Cloud Insights, AWS NetApp FSx, Elastic Cloud Storage Solutions, and Nutanix HCI for HK businesses

Elastic Cloud Storage Solutions for Easier Sharing of Resources

At Nikoyo, we uphold transparency and swiftness in our information sharing. That’s why we advocate our Elastic Cloud Storage solutions for businesses in HK to share their resources in an efficient, secure and coherent manner to streamline information sharing at lower financial and infrastructural costs.

Our Elastic Cloud Storage is extremely low-cost and user-friendly. We aim to ease the flow of information exchange and reduce the risks of human errors with our services whilst increasing the level of cloud security offered to businesses in HK.

  • Public Cloud: this cloud makes information available to any party. They could be free or chargeable.
  • Private Cloud: this cloud service confines the information within the boundaries of the company. It is 100% private and increases cloud security for businesses in HK.
  • Hybrid Cloud: this type of cloud uses a mix of private, public and third-party clouds. It combines and stores all the information under one cloud to increase cloud security for businesses in HK.
  • Integrated Cloud Solution– Cloud Backup Solution: It allows companies to back up their cloud data in HK for convenient access.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution: this is a cloud security restore strategy that collates copies of information to protect your device from any data loss in HK

Modernize your Cloud Storage Security

Rapidity, simplicity, and flexibility are the concerns of the IT industry nowadays, but traditional solutions can no longer fulfil these needs. Emerging cloud technologies have revolutionized the technology standard by providing simplified and streamlined IT operations and management. Public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud can be selected flexibly based on customer’s preferences.

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Cloud security services can be leveraged in HK for cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. With the use of integrated cloud solutions, Nikoyo guarantees safer and easier means of storing data. Our Elastic Cloud Storage greatly reduces investment and operating costs; other solutions, such as Cloud Insights and AWS FSx, also promise maximum security in data storage.

If you are interested in learning more about Cloud Insights or implementing other cloud based solutions such as Nimble Storage in Hong Kong, please contact us for more information today!


What is Cloud Insights and how does it work?

Cloud Insights is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics solution that helps businesses gain visibility and control over their cloud resources. It works by collecting and analyzing data from various cloud platforms and services, providing insights into usage, cost, performance, and security. Cloud Insights offers a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to track key metrics, set alerts, and optimize their cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Insights for cloud management?

Cloud Insights offers several benefits for businesses that are looking to optimize their cloud infrastructure. These include:

  • Cost optimization: Cloud Insights helps businesses identify and reduce unnecessary spending on cloud resources, such as idle instances or overprovisioned services.
  • Performance monitoring: Cloud Insights provides real-time insights into the performance of cloud applications and services, allowing businesses to troubleshoot issues and improve user experience.
  • Security management: Cloud Insights offers security analytics and compliance reporting, helping businesses identify and mitigate potential security risks and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  • Integrated Cloud Solution– Cloud Backup Solution: It allows companies to back up their cloud data in HK for convenient access.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Cloud Insights is designed to work with a variety of cloud platforms and services, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the best solutions for their needs.

How does Nikoyo support clients in using Cloud Insights?

Nikoyo offers a range of services to help clients get the most out of Cloud Insights. These include implementation, customization, and integration services, as well as training and support. Our experts can help clients set up Cloud Insights to meet their specific needs, configure alerts and reports, and optimize their cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to ensure that our clients are getting the most value from Cloud Insights and addressing any issues or concerns.