Nimble Storage Solutions

Nimble Storage provides predictive flash storage technology for Hong Kong enterprises, ensuring fast and reliable data access for data centers and cloud applications. Just like other data storage solutions, including HPE Synergy, this renowned storage system is powered by Infosight, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that provides excellent storage support and management efficiency.

The Nimble Storage Solution uses inline compression with variable block sizes for one of the most efficient flash storage solutions available to businesses in Hong Kong. This results in 30% – 70% less flash and capacity resources used, creating a much more cost-effective and compact solution. With a dynamic caching strategy within the CASL file system, hot data is dynamically stored in flash. Using 22 patented algorithms to categorize data, the Nimble Storage system has potent efficacy when it comes to accelerating data reads.

Featuring agile scalability, Nimble Storage systems can scale up and out with ease – without disruptions. Combined with its comparatively small size and cloud-based controller platform, this top-tier solution from HPE Hong Kong makes large-scale and future-proof data management easier than ever.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy allows businesses to create a software-defined infrastructure that provides them with the support needed when transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment. By implementing this more efficient and agile IT infrastructure, companies in Hong Kong are able to focus on their business needs with peace of mind.

Enterprises also reap the rewards upon adopting HPE Synergy as it results in a lower cost of operations, significant return on investment, and decreased IT infrastructure expenses.


Drive your business with this comprehensive IT solution integrating network, storage, computing, and advanced data services into a single platform. HPE HCI delivers top-notch simplicity, agility, and intelligence to help businesses manage and optimize their hybrid cloud environment. You can deploy new services faster than ever and take advantage of advanced automation capabilities to reduce manual tasks, save costs, and maximize performance.

Alletra Storage

HPE Alletra is an advanced storage solution that offers a cloud consumption and operating experience wherever data is located. It offers auto-discovery and zero configuration so companies can enjoy faster and more reliable access to critical data and enhanced scalability and flexibility. With HPE Alletra Storage, you can quickly shift from owning and maintaining infrastructure to accessing and utilizing it with HPE GreenLake.

Zerto: Ransomware Protection

Zerto, an HPE Company, protects your business’s data from malicious attacks in HK and recovers it from ransomware. It provides advanced security and monitoring capabilities to detect any suspicious activity while offering automated failover protection, which can help reduce downtime in case of system failure or an outage. Zerto is a must-have solution for companies looking to secure their data against potential ransomware threats in HK.

Hong Kong and China’s Preferred I.T. Service Provider

Over the years, Nikoyo has successfully implemented integrated data systems like HPE Synergy and Nimble Storage, and CISCO UCS for both state and private entities across China and Hong Kong. Continually pushing the boundaries of systematic innovation through the use of cutting-edge data storage solutions such as HPE Synergy and Alletra Storage, we have taken part in and witnessed numerous developments in the region’s computer technology industry and evolved along with it.

Our in-depth and extensive experience with deploying systems like HPE Synergy for numerous prominent entities makes us the ideal choice for undertaking your next systems upgrade. With a commitment to quality IT professional services as well as products, we have the expertise to empower your business needs.

With multiple branches across China and Hong Kong, we are well-equipped to serve our clients with solutions like HPE Synergy and Nimble Storage. If you have any inquiries about HPE HPI, HPE Synergy, Alletra Storage, or Nikoyo’s cyber security solutions such as Zerto for businesses in HK, contact your local branch via telephone. Alternatively, you may also fill in an online inquiry form. Our representatives will attend to your query as soon as possible.


What is Nikoyo’s relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)?

Nikoyo is a certified HPE Gold Partner and has been working closely with HPE for many years. As a Gold Partner, Nikoyo has access to HPE’s latest technologies and resources, and is able to provide comprehensive solutions and services to customers using HPE products.

What kind of HPE solutions and services does Nikoyo offer?

Nikoyo offers a wide range of HPE solutions and services, including storage technology that grants fast and reliable data access, software-defined infrastructure which assists enterprises transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment, integrated IT platform, advanced storage solutions, cloud services, and data security solutions. Nikoyo’s team of certified HPE experts can help customers choose the right solutions for their specific needs, and provide end-to-end support throughout the project lifecycle.

How can I get in touch with Nikoyo for HPE-related inquiries?

If you have any questions about Nikoyo’s HPE solutions and services, you can contact us for more information.