Elastic Cloud Storage Solutions for easier Sharing of Resources


At Nikoyo, we believe in upholding transparency and swiftness in our information sharing. That’s why we advocate our Elastic Cloud Storage solutions for businesses in HK to share their resources in an efficient, secure and coherent manner to streamline sharing of information at lower financial and infrastructural costs.

Our Elastic Cloud Storage is extremely low-cost and very user friendly. We aim to ease the flow of information exchange and reduce the risks of human errors all whilst increasing the level of cloud security offered to businesses in HK.

Here are some key features of our cloud solution:

  • Public Cloud: this cloud makes information available for any party. They could be free or chargeable
  • Private Cloud: this cloud confines the information within the boundaries of the company. It is 100% private, and increases cloud security for businesses in HK.
  • Hybrid Cloud: this type of cloud uses a mix of private, public and third-party clouds. It combines and stores all the information under one cloud to increase cloud security for businesses in HK.
  • Integrated Cloud Solution– Cloud Backup Solution: with this, you won’t ever have to live in fear of losing your data!

    – Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution: this is a cloud security restore strategy that collates copies of information in the event of a virus that causes your device in HK to lose all its data.

Rapidity, simplicity and flexibility are the concerns of the IT industry nowadays and the traditional solutions can no longer fulfil these needs. The emerging cloud technologies have revolutionized the technology standard by providing simplified and streamlined IT operation and management. Public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud can be selected flexibly based on customer’s preference.

Cloud security services can also be leveraged in HK for backup and disaster recovery solutions. With the use of integrated cloud solution, Nikoyo guarantees safer and easier means of storing data. Our Elastic Cloud Storage greatly reduces the investment and operating costs. Our solutions also promise maximum security in data storage.


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