Elastic Cloud Storage EMC

Nikoyo has demonstrated significant value for enterprises that are seeking a platform architecture to support their rapid data growth. Our elastic cloud storage system is a software-defined, cloud-scale object storage platform which combines the cost advantages of commodity infrastructure with the reliability and availability for traditional as well as next-generation workloads.

Let your business evolve in tandem with technological growth, while ensuring the safety and security of your data. Elastic cloud storage EMC is an especially versatile choice, storing a diverse range of data types with the best-in-class physical and digital security. With outstanding scalability capabilities, enterprise-level companies find it easier than ever to store and protect large quantities of data with this cost-effective EMC solution.


Data Domain Models

Nikoyo has renowned successes in delivering reliable and resilient enterprise-class storage solutions across Hong Kong and China. One of our valued customers in the government sector utilized our solution with Data Domain to deliver over 90x better storage reduction rate.

Our solution not only enables faster backup and reduces network bandwidth requirement, but it also allows our customers to leverage their investment in their current infrastructure. Your company will find it easier than ever to master your data protection challenges with our agile and scalable storage solutions.

With over 30 years of experience deploying integrated I.T. infrastructure solutions behind us, Nikoyo is a leading choice of provider in the region. By choosing us, you can rest assured that you’ll see your system reliably and professionally implemented from start to end.

We have offices located across both Hong Kong and China. Feel free to get in touch with your local branch for any enquires. Otherwise, you may simply fill out an online enquiry form and one of our team members will attend to your query as soon as possible.