e-zone magazine interview with Enchanting Studio & NetApp


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Successful case on NetApp data management solution

This week e-zone magazine interviewed with our client, Enchanting Studio, on how to use NetApp products to enhance  their data storage and management capability.

Enchanting Studio is a full-services computer-generated imagery (CGI) studio. The company is famed for its animated movies, TV series and game trailers, including StarBeam and Rainbow Ruby Season 2.  Their daily data processing and movies exceeds 2TB.  In order to deliver the best CGI work to the world,  Nikoyo sales team suggest Enchanting Studio to choose NetApp Enterprise Data Management solution. After use the NetApp Snapshot function,  the time to open the video has been shortened from two minutes to ten seconds. Also, their team in Suzhou can access the same project with the Hong Kong team at anytime, anywhere and it leads to the continued business growth.

今期e-zone雜誌刊登了Enchanting Studio 怎樣用NetApp的產品來成功進行優化數據管理,幫助動畫或媒體製作公司Enchanting Studio處理大量數據輸入及傳送。Enchanting Studio的主要業務是製作CGI和動畫為主,每日處理的數據和影片都超過2TB。為了幫助 Enchanting Studio 進行優化數據管理,Nikoyo 的專業團隊建議 Enchanting Studio選用NetApp 數據管理方案,透過NetApp Snapshot 的快速存取功能,使他們由開啟影片的時間為兩分鐘縮短至十秒,而不同地方的動畫團隊更可以同時處理同一個項目的工作,令工作效率得以提高。


Interview with Enchanting Studio and NetApp on data management solutionInterview with Enchanting Studio and NetApp on data management solution