Sangfor Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions

Sangfor is a domestic supplier focusing on enterprise-level network security, cloud services, IT infrastructure, and IoT products and services. These comprehensive solutions and services include firewalls, endpoint protection, cloud computer platforms and high-performance storage resources, providing efficient and cost-effective security against a wide range of threats for businesses of all sizes. Their business covers over 50 countries and regions worldwide, including Hong Kong and mainland China, providing a solid foundation for the digital transformation of over 100,000 enterprise-level users. Additionally, Sangfor is the only mainland supplier capable of offering a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) unified network and security service solution through a single-channel architecture.

Enhance Business Security in Hong Kong with Sangfor Next-Gen Firewall

An award-winning cybersecurity solution, Sangfor Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides a holistic and integrated security solution to businesses in Hong Kong. It leverages the use of AI technology, deep pocket inspection and cloud threat intelligence to help companies prevent and defend against a variety of malware, security risks and breaches.

Streamline the IT Infrastructure for Your HK Businesses with Sangfor HCI Solutions

Sangfor HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) platforms are business-centric and designed to offer a comprehensive solution for IT infrastructure for businesses. These platforms integrate computing, storage, networking and security into a single platform, providing a fully converged infrastructure with unified management and high-performance capabilities. Businesses in Hong Kong can easily operate and monitor their infrastructure resources, and restore data with the Sangfor HCI platform in case of cyberattacks. Additionally, enterprises can build, own, or expand their cloud infrastructure on the HCI platform, scaling their business easily and efficiently.

Ensure Comprehensive Management of Internet Access with Sangfor IAM

Now also known as Internet Access Gateway (IAG), Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM) offers powerful functions to enable easy administration for organizations. Its functions include network visualization, application control, bandwidth management, acceleration and complete online security. Serving as the gatekeeper of a network, enterprises and organizations in Hong Kong can utilize it to better control who accesses the network, track the activities of the approved users and enhance their overall network security.

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Nikoyo has a strong partnership with Sangfor, allowing us to serve these Sangfor products to clients across Hong Kong and beyond. We specialize in tailoring the best solutions for our enterprise-level clients, enhancing their management efficiency, and driving their business development and innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about our collaboration with Sangfor, their firewall technology, HCI and IAM solutions, or our cloud storage solutions and data storage services like Nimble Storage, please get in touch with us. With multiple offices located across China and Hong Kong, you can easily reach out to your local branch for any assistance or enquiries.


What is the partnership between Nikoyo and Sangfor?

Nikoyo partners with Sangfor to offer their advanced cybersecurity and cloud solutions, assisting businesses in enhancing their digital infrastructure and security measures through professional IT services.

What types of Sangfor products does Nikoyo specialize in?

Nikoyo specializes in a range of Sangfor products, including Next-Generation Firewalls, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) platforms, and Internet Access Management (IAM), offering support in the implementation of these solutions to fulfill comprehensive cybersecurity and IT infrastructure needs of companies across HK and mainland China.

How does Nikoyo tailor solutions for enterprise-level clients?

Nikoyo tailors Sangfor solutions for enterprises by assessing their unique IT and cybersecurity requirements, ensuring the implementation of optimized, scalable, and efficient Sangfor technologies to drive business growth and innovation.