Deliver Desktops and Applications in HK through a single, secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software from Vmware

As Vmware Sales Professionals (VSP), we at Nikoyo can help bring Vmware’s world leading Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software, Horizon 7, to your HK business. In short, VDI software, such as that from Vmware, lets businesses host desktop environments on a centralised server, rather than locally. There are two main types of VDI: persistent and non-persistent. Persistent VDI’s act much like a normal desktop, where you can save your desktop and pick up where you left off.

As a scalable business solution, Vmware VDI software helps provide your HK business with secure and trouble-free access to their desktop on any device at any time of day. Vmware VDI software in HK is also able to significantly simplify your management and reduce operational costs by having a single platform that can be accessed by all devices.

One of the benefits of VDI software is the ability to bring professional level and workstation-class desktop performance to mobile users in HK with Vmware’s Horizon with Blast 3D. In addition to this, VMware VDI software can help improve the security. Non-persistent VDI’s have a standardised and controlled desktop which reverts every time you sign off the system, as if the device is lost or stolen, the data is stored remotely and is therefore safe.

Nikoyo and Vmware VDI software in HK and China.

Since 1992, Nikoyo has been at the forefront of providing and introducing the most advanced data storage systems. Together with Vmware VDI software, Nikoyo is here to help you upgrade your HK business’ desktop infrastructure system to state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Driven by our company ethos, we aim to give the most comprehensive and quality service possible. We strive to bring only the best technology into the Hong Kong and Chinese market.

If you would like to try or learn more about using Vmware VDI software for businesses across HK and China, contact us today!