Cisco UCS

Implemented by Nikoyo Throughout Hong Kong and China

Designed specifically for enterprise customers, Cisco Unified Computer System (UCS) provides a single data center server architecture.

Prevalent among the Hong Kong enterprise sphere, Cisco UCS is comprised of computing hardware, virtualization support, switch fabric, and management software. When integrated with different storage vendors, UCS delivers a reliable and fault-tolerant data center architecture model.

Cisco UCS is celebrated in Hong Kong for its ability to eliminate data inconsistencies, resolve issues arising from hardware failures, and maintaining up-to-date infrastructure upgrades. Cisco UCS offers a solution with great convenience and versatility for companies in Hong Kong who require a system of integrated I.T. infrastructure.

This innovative and sophisticated system provides seamless operational function in one elegant package. With fewer cables and better airflow, Cisco UCS can overhaul the physical and computing aspects of data management in Hong Kong. Bringing a new concept of a service profile to companies across the globe, Cisco UCS proves itself to be the ideal choice for many modern enterprises with a wide range of requirements.

Leading I.T. Service Provider

Since 1985, Nikoyo has been deploying I.T. infrastructure like Cisco UCS in Hong Kong for numerous companies with great success. In both public and private sectors, we have an unrivaled track record of providing reliable and comprehensive business solutions. This is enabled by our impeccable standards of customer service and work ethic, driven by our company’s mission since our founding.

We value our clients and ensure to deliver quality assistance. When you choose Nikoyo, your company will receive a perfectly tailored, scalable I.T. data solution every time.

With offices throughout Hong Kong and China, you can get in touch with your local branch for any enquiry about implementing Cisco UCS into your Hong Kong company. You may also fill out an online enquiry form and one of our representatives will attend to your query as soon as possible.