IoT & AI – Construction Industry


Apply new technologies on safety monitoring and improvement of resource management.


  • Large amount of items to be monitored
  • Variable and complicated construction site environment
  • Network limitation
  • Deployment impact towards the construction process


By deployment sensors in the working environment with least influence to the construction site, useful data can be obtained and analysed. Nikoyo offers a total solution from sensor deployment, monitoring tool development, to platform integration for customers. Below are the benefits for the construction industry:

Worker Monitoring

  • Location tracking and tracing
  • Worker safety supervision (e.g. biomedical monitoring while performing dangerous operations)

Remote Operations

  • Real-time site status reporting to co-workers by using imagery or video
  • Get instant remote support from co-workers
  • Digitalization of paper documents – hands-free manuals embedded in devices

Resource Management

  • Location tracking and tracing
  • Usage management and replenishment notification
  • End of life prediction